Accounts Payable

OAKLAND Accounts Payable is a detailed, user-friendly application from Purchase Orders to Payment. With complete drill down Vendor History, multiple bank and Electronic Funds Transfer options, detailed aging report, and cash requirements reports, you get both the ease of application and the need for cash flow information.

Our Accounts Payable solution helps you manage your cash flow by allowing you to enter invoices today that can be paid now or held for months. Multiple locations can enter their own invoices simultaneously, which can then be paid in a main location or at the individual branches. Recurring invoices can also be entered.

Multiple bank accounts can be utilized as well. Invoices can be selected for payment using a variety of options, including due date ranges, single or multiple vendors, vendor groups, and by the bank account to be used for the checks. Once the invoices are selected for payment and verified, the checks can then be written and the register updated.

Invoice Entry

  • Easy Access and Attachment to Bill of Lading Records
  • Application to Vendor Contracts


  • Choose Invoices by Due Date or Specific Invoices
  • Choose Your Payment Method, EFT or Check Printing
  • Insta-Check Option for Your “On the Fly” Invoices

Vendor Information

  • Complete Historical Invoice Information by Vendor
  • Drill Down Capability Gives Instant Access to Historical Invoices Along With Supporting Bill of Lading Record and Payment Information

Aging Report and Cash Requirements

  • Aging Report Gives Complete Aging Details on Your Outstanding Invoices
  • Historical Aging Reports Available Anytime
  • Cash Requirements Report Gives Cash Flow Requirements for Selected Date Range