OAKLAND Accounts Receivable is the home for all customer information, customer group listings, invoice billing, aging reports, and customer account statements. Our AR software features multiple options regarding account types, due dates, and payment terms — as well as easy access to customer balances and historical data.

AR Customer StatementsThe objective of our Accounts Receivable solution is to provide accurate, customer-friendly statements through flexible and easy to use billing options. Accounts Receivable allows customers to charge to or allocate funds towards multiple account types (prepaid, deferred, budget, regular, etc.) using a single account number.

Here are some additional benefits found within OAKLAND Accounts Receivable:

  • create detailed, easy-to-read statements, custom-tailored for your business
  • offer special statement options for weekly or bi-monthly statement customers
  • conduct electronic banking transactions using the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network
  • track the credit history of your accounts with a variety of reporting options
  • utilize our Label Code system to group or filter your customers for easy reporting


Provide online statements and account information through FarmerData

Our FarmerData customer information portal can be leveraged to provide your customers with new statement notifications and online access to their account statements and other current and historical data. More information regarding this service can be found in the OAKLAND Data Services section under FarmerData.


Offer automatic withdrawal and online payment options 

Our Automatic Clearing House (ACH) integration can be utilized to provide automated withdrawal options in budget/even-pay situations or for customers that would prefer payments be withdrawn from their bank accounts automatically. Customers can also go online to schedule and authorize payments via our customer information portal, FarmerData.


Monitor sales company-wide or for each member of your sales team

With OAKLAND Accounts Receivable, attach sales reps to individual customer accounts, entire ticket batches, or on a ticket-by-ticket basis from within OAKLAND Point of Sale to easily display details on the business generated by your sales team. Allow the tight integration between Accounts Receivable and the OAKLAND Inventory module to track sales for your organization and provide reliable data in commission-based situations or simply for performance analysis.