Asset Manager

The Asset Manager allows you to track anything you can weigh, and provides the tools to keep maintenance and service records on any of the equipment you own or lease. With today’s increasing price of agronomy products, anything that helps you maintain control of your inventory will be a valuable asset to your company. That’s where Asset Manager fits in.

When Used in Conjunction with the Agronomy Module:

  • Weigh NH3 Tanks as They Leave and When They Return to Your Facility
  • "Easy to Use" Entry of the Weights of Blend Sheets
  • Create as Many Groups for the Producer as Needed to Segregate Billable Weights:
    • When the Ticket is Entered
    • Anytime Before Billing
    • During the Billing Process
  • Custom Design the Maintenance Records You Want to Keep on Any or All of Your Fertilizer Equipment and Rolling Stock
  • Print Ticket Reports of:
    • How Scale Tickets are Grouped by Customer
    • Status of Tickets (Billed or Unbilled)
    • List of NH3 Outstanding Tanks With an Estimated Net Weight for Inventory

When Used in Conjunction with the Fuel Manager Module:

  • Define and track maintenance on a tank-by-tank basis for items such as regulators, leak checks, etc.
  • Generate future schedules as well as historic reports for anything from a single tank to your entire inventory.

Design the Maintenance Records and Schedules You Want To Keep Records for:

  • Oil Changes and Service Records on Pickups, Trucks and Floaters
  • General Maintenance on Elevator Legs, Toolbars, Propane and NH3 Tanks
  • Repairs Done on Spreaders, Floaters, Feed Mill and Fuel Equipment
  • NH3 Hose and pop-off valve replacement
  • Print Maintenance Schedules and Maintenance History