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  Data Services

Data Services

OAKLAND Data Services are a set of optional modules that extend the capabilities of the OAKLAND System. OAKLAND Data Services Modules provide integration, web services, and easy access to your data.

FarmerData is a customer information portal that provides your customers with online access to their grain and accounting information. On FarmerData, customers can view items such as their balance due, individual ticket detail, prepaid and unpaid product booking balances — with options for online statements and online payments.

OAKLAND Management Suite (OMS) enables a variety of analysis tools to connect to Oakland Data on a real-time basis. OMS provides instant access to critical company data for management and decision makers. OMS-enabled spreadsheets can be utilized to create custom reporting solutions for users to maximize productivity.

Our OAKLAND Workspace Integration products utilize real-time messaging between the OAKLAND Server and individual client PCs on your network via the OAKLAND Desktop App Launcher. This framework allows users to select apps to enhance their displays with valuable, real-time information from the OAKLAND System.