Fuel Manager

OAKLAND Fuel Manager is the office portion of our Fuel solution, handling all energy-related scheduling, billing, and reporting. Fuel Manager enables companies to move their changing energy-related records away from paper- and spreadsheet-formats and into a robust, centralized, recoverable platform.

Propane TanksConsolidate tanks and tank-related information in an extensive tank database, providing:

  • automated degree day and frequency-based order forecasting (in addition to call-in orders)
  • delivery and rental history (follows tanks as they change possession over time)
  • maintenance history and upcoming maintenance schedules
  • options for storing other tank-related information (such as directions, comments, etc)


Easily Control Upcoming Delivery Schedules

Scheduled delivery orders can be created at any time using any combination of the following methods:

  • manually entered into the system for call-ins
  • generated based on degree day information
  • generated based on frequency (every 10 days, etc)

These orders then can be printed out for drivers or downloaded into our Fuel Point of Sale on-the-truck solution. Orders are not required for a delivery to take place — they are simply available to ensure that no one slips through the cracks.


Utilize Degree Day and Frequency-based Forecasting

When applicable, starting and ending percentages are entered for the tank during the invoice creation process and used in degree day calculations. Fuel Manager provides multiple input methods for degree days (single day, running total, or high/low temperature). The choice between degree day and frequency is configurable by the tank. Degree day information can be entered manually or data can be automatically downloaded. Each night, after local weather stations at airports or schools, report their final temperature readings for the day, our automated process requests this degree day value and inputs it into OAKLAND Fuel Manager – always accurate and entirely hassle-free. It runs over weekends, holidays, and even catches up on its own should a weather station take longer than usual to post its official temperatures.

Integrate to Delivery Order Routing

OAKLAND Fuel Manager can be used in conjunction with Vertrax SmartDrops to provide GPS-based routing capabilities for your Energy fleet.