Fuel Point of Sale

OAKLAND Fuel Point of Sale (Fuel POS) is our on-the-truck delivery and billing solution, normally configured to run on small, ruggedized laptops and tablets.

Fuel POS Customer Info ScreenFuel POS runs alongside Fuel Manager and provides fleet operators with up-to-date account, contract, order and pricing information while they are out on the road — and even enables drivers to bill other products besides fuel (merchandise such as oil, grease, and supplies). Drivers can create printed tickets to be left at the point of delivery. When digital meter registers and printers are already present, in most cases Fuel POS can be directly interfaced into the existing printing configuration. Delivery tickets automatically include:

  • Account, name, address, invoice, date and sales rep
  • All product information and pricing (including contracts, overrun calculations, and discounts)
  • All taxes, totals, and amount due (including support for special billing terms or promotions)

Fuel POS enables companies to automate delivery billing processes by sending all recent deliveries to the office at the end of the day or anytime internet access to the company network is available. From there, the office can create Accounts Receivable invoices from these deliveries within seconds and still make corrections as needed.