OAKLAND General Ledger is the central pillar that both connects and supports all OAKLAND Accounting modules. Designed to provide the information needed to accurately report your financial position at any time, our General Ledger offers a strong rule set that reliably balances all branches of your organization — and still maintains the flexibility to grow and evolve with your business.

OAKLAND Financial ReportsWhether your company is a single-location or multi-location operation, General Ledger can be configured to define a chart of accounts that best meets your financial requirements. Businesses can easily:

  • track income and expense details company-wide or by department and location as needed
  • allocate dedicated accounts for general and administrative expenses
  • rely on integrated OAKLAND modules to automatically provide transaction data and allow manual journal entries and adjustments to be made when necessary
  • run trial balances on demand for easy printing or export to Microsoft Excel
  • present customized financial statements, tailored for your company as well as its locations and departments
  • utilize comparative reporting by month, fiscal year, actual versus budget, and more

OAKLAND General Ledger brings enterprise-level features to any organization: from small- and mid-sized businesses to large agricultural companies, cooperatives, and service providers.


Make audits and financials easier for everyone involved

Some of our best advocates are auditors, and we take pride in producing well-defined reports that easily convey their meaning when presented to managers, boards of directors, accountants, and other professionals, as well. Formatted for readability and easy reconciliation, OAKLAND General Ledger reports provide a clear picture of your organization’s financial position whenever it’s needed.


Empower your spreadsheets with live reporting capabilities

While OAKLAND General Ledger is capable of exporting many tables and reports directly to Microsoft Excel as simple worksheets, it can also be enhanced with the OAKLAND Management Suite (OMS). OMS is a collection of Business Intelligence tools and services that eliminate the labor involved in gathering periodic financial data – whether monthly, weekly, or minute-to-minute. It even allows users to drill-down to supporting detail within a single spreadsheet. With OMS, you can spend less time looking for the numbers and have more time to make informed business decisions and set directions.