The Inventory module is designed for control, tracking and easy application of your company’s inventory.

Flexible maintenance allows for near limitless ability for segregating your products by location and category. The receiving, adjustments, manufactured products, and price change features provide simple, straightforward entry screens for quick and accurate processing.With the large number of reports and reporting capabilities, you will find it easy to access and report on any aspect of your inventory. Whether it is sales (by product or by customer), purchases, adjustments, transfers, count sheets, valuation, or specialty sales reports, your users can easily access the reports (current or historical, single or multiple locations, individual customer or company wide) they desire.

  • Designed for control, tracking and application ease
  • Receiving function with access to purchase orders and contracts
  • Manufactured Product feature for accurate tracking of both the products you make and the ingredients used to make them
  • Multiple pricing options by product, location, and customer
  • Commodity Manager feature for contract entry and Long/Short position for products other than grain
  • Sales Reports
    • Customer Sales
    • Product Sales, including Restricted Products
    • Custom applied sales
    • Sales by Sales Reps
    • Sales Variance
    • Top customer sales by company, location, and product(s)
  • Purchase Reports by product, vendor, manufactured or transferred
  • Valuation Reports by First In-First Out and Last Cost