Data Services

OAKLAND Management Suite

The OAKLAND Management Suite (OMS) provides a variety of analysis tools to connect to OAKLAND Data on a real-time basis. OMS provides instant access to critical company data for management and decision makers.

OMS Spreadsheet ExampleOMS can be utilized to create custom, user-specific reports and/or spreadsheets that can be refreshed on demand to pull the latest data from the OAKLAND System. Some key features include:

  • Dashboard design for quick view of critical data
  • Custom designed for users at any level of your organization
  • Convenient drill-down and drill-through to contributing detail
  • Access data directly as PivotTables within Microsoft Excel
  • Easy and secure access to critical data without the needing to know how to run the OAKLAND System

It's amazing how many OAKLAND clients — CEOs, CFOs, controllers and other management team members — have quickly learned how to create their own custom templates to gather information from our General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Inventory and Patronage modules. Our OMS package is currently bundled with our Workspace Integration app launcher, OAKLAND Desktop. These two offerings complement each other quite well: users are able to stream, access, and refresh data without needing to know how to configure and run the corresponding reports found within the OAKLAND System.


The OLAP Approach

OnLine Analytical Processing (OLAP) is a broad term for the practice of navigating and aggregating large amounts of data, normally with the intent of discovering trends. The OAKLAND Management Suite provides OLAP-based services that allow seamless integration to popular analytical tools like Microsoft Excel. This means you are able to view your OAKLAND Data live from the comfort of your own spreadsheet — and maintain a powerful overview of business trends affecting your organization.