Date: 11/29/2013

Title: Oakland Continues to Grow

Oakland Corporation has been very busy installing and training clients new and existing. With increased sales, we have been busy adding New Staff members to keep up with Installation, Support, and to just stay in touch with you, our client base. We are pleased to welcome Terry Gjersvik and Luke Bradley to Oakland Corporation.

Terry Gjersvik

Re-joined Oakland Corporation in 2013 after serving as a marketing representative from 1995-2002. Terry has a degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Minnesota with 3 years working for Cargill. Inc. in country elevator management and 4 years working for Farmland Industries – Heartland Data Services. Terry has been a part-time corn/soybean farmer in Southern Minnesota since 1996 which helps him stay current with the information needs of agricultural producers.

Luke Bradley

Luke started working at Oakland Corporation in July 2013. Prior to that he had been working for a southern Iowa cooperative since 2002, which started using Oakland in 2007. Much of that time was spent in the grain department as a merchandiser and in 2008 started bookkeeping for all grain in the company. He also worked in the fertilizer and feed departments while at the cooperative.