Offering such features as the ability to switch product bookings on the fly and split charges between accounts by invoice or even line item, all while instantly affecting on-hand inventory and bookings across multiple locations, OAKLAND Point of Sale is a powerful ticket entry system that provides a great deal of flexibility – from the ticket counter to the back office and everywhere in between.

Point of Sale Ticket EntryEasily access and document important information for each transaction without leaving the entry screen! Point of Sale provides many accessible shortcuts to look up customer information, product booking balances, on-hand inventory quantity, product- and account-based pricing, and more. Complement this with the ability to:

  • attach sales reps, as well as farm and field data
  • split charges between multiple accounts at the invoice level, or even assign different percentages of ownership to individual line items
  • bill deliveries, sales orders, fuel orders, fertilizer blend sheets, and more
  • access customer balances and quickly handle payments on account
  • regulate sales of restricted products: attendants are alerted when customers do not meet the necessary requirements
  • enforce credit limits and cash-only policies for flagged accounts
  • apply transactions to Inventory, Bookings, Grain, and Returns – live by the line item
  • provide counter attendants, billing staff, and office managers with enhanced account information available from our Customer Aging and Business Charts sidebar
  • benefit from many other specialized features

Placing a wide variety of options at your fingertips, our Point of Sale solution is a reliable way to tackle virtually any billing situation.

Convenient Functionality

OAKLAND Point of Sale is more than just a way to meet complex invoicing requirements and encourage good accounting practices. It also offers a number of features designed to provide convenience and save time for both your customers and your business:

  • save unfinished tickets to be finalized and printed or approved at a later point in time
  • place any combination of prepaid, deferred, budget, and regular account charges on a single invoice
  • provide open invoice billing options on an account-by-account basis
  • create transfer tickets to move products between locations at cost
  • present customers with detailed, easy-to-follow invoices – customized for your company’s needs
  • add durable comments to tickets that will appear on the customer invoice and flow through to the customer’s monthly account statement
  • interface to other billing services, whether pulling Cardtrol fuel transactions into Accounts Receivable or forwarding John Deere Multi-use Account transactions to John Deere Financial for online authorization before printing

Ensure well-defined transactions between your company and its customers – even between your company’s various locations and departments – with OAKLAND Point of Sale!