I.T. Services

Spam Filtering

OAKLAND's Spam Filtering eliminates those pesky unwanted emails from your Inbox, protecting you from scams, phishing, and viruses. 

It is reported that spam makes up about 72% of the total email traffic on the Internet. Why should your Inbox be cluttered with unwanted email? Oakland offers a hosted Spam Filtering solution for our clients. We include this service with our hosted Premium Email product. Our Spam Filtering service also works with your existing email solution.


As spam is sent to your domain our server filters the results. Obvious spam is immediately rejected, and good emails are delivered directly to your Inbox. If a message seems questionable, the server holds it in the queue until your company Administrator decides if the message is spam. As each piece of email is received the Spam Filter is continually learning and becoming more efficient at blocking spam.

Features Include:

  • Admin Web Portal
  • White-list Senders or Domains
  • Black-list Senders
  • Users Can Vote Message as Spam
  • Real-time Virus Scanning
  • Included in Premium Email