Oakland Accounting is a complete accounting solution designed to be user-friendly and provide accurate information for customers, management and auditors. All Accounting modules update into the General Ledger, providing necessary financial reports.


  • Central pillar that both connects and supports all Oakland Accounting modules
  • Accurately report your financial position at any time
  • A strong rule set that reliably balances all branches of your organization
  • Flexible enough to grow and evolve with your business


  • All customer information, customer group listings, invoice billing, aging reports, and customer account statements in one place
  • Multiple options regarding account types, due dates, and payment terms under a single customer account number


  • Powerful ticket entry system with great flexibility from the ticket counter to the back office and everywhere in between
  • Switch product bookings on the fly and split charges between accounts by invoice or even line item, all while instantly affecting on-hand inventory and bookings across multiple locations


  • Track, control, and monitor your company’s inventory
  • Flexible configurations allowing near-limitless segregation of products by location and category
  • Process receiving, adjustments, and price changes quickly and accurately
  • Easily access and report on any aspect of your inventory


  • Live booking information and availability company-wide, whether prepaid or unpaid, product-specific or categorical
  • Accurately and easily monitor all of your customer commitments
  • Switch bookings, delivering other products against bookings, and track customer deliveries


  • Detailed, user-friendly application from Purchase Order to Payment
  • Quick access to vendor history, aging reports, and cash flow information
  • Supports multiple bank accounts, with options for electronic funds transfer


  • Balance bank accounts quickly and easily
  • View all checks, deposits, and even journal entries made to a bank account
  • Easily display and clear outstanding transactions, reconcile by any date range, and search for specific transactions