Accounting overview

OAKLAND Accounting is a complete accounting solution designed to be user-friendly and provide accurate information for customers, management and auditors.


All Accounting modules update into the General Ledger, providing necessary financial reports.


Accounts Payable

  • Cash or accrual method accounting
  • Multiple bank account utilization
  • Pay invoices posted to Accounts Payable & "on-the-fly" invoices

Accounts Receivable

  • Accurate, customer-friendly statements
  • Flexible, easy to use billing options


  • Tremendous flexibility when switching bookings
  • Accurate and easy tracking for all your customer commitments

General Ledger

  • Integrates all aspects of total accounting system
  • Design to be as simple or as complex as you wish


  • Designed for control, tracking, and easy application of your company’s inventory
  • Integrates with Bookings

Point of Sale

  • Ticket entry system applies instantly to on-hand Inventory and Bookings
  • Access to customer and booking information without leaving the entry system