who we are

We provide integrated software solutions for grain, agronomy, and petroleum companies, cooperatives, and agribusiness organizations.

Mission & Vision

Oakland Corporation and each of us commit to Excellence, Integrity, & Service understanding that happiness comes not from wealth, recognition, nor achievement, but from fulfillment of God's purpose.


Our Values

This company was founded and continues to operate on spiritual principles. It is our goal that our individual and corporate behavior should reflect these principles. These principles should produce unity within our employees and their families; and should produce products and services that have lasting value for our clients, communities, nation, and world. We believe that if we continue to maintain and improve our products and services, and if we create new products and services for the benefit of our clients, our clients will provide growth and stability for Oakland Corporation and for each of us.  


Our Vision

Oakland Corporation will develop, market, and support information technologies to, and for the benefit of retail distribution and grain origination companies, their clients, their vendors, and their communities. To the mutual benefit of our clients, our employees and our families, we will continue to promote the values and principles as set forth in our Values Statement and Mission Statement, values and principles which have provided a firm foundation for this company. We believe that this behavior will produce stability, fulfillment, happiness, and peace.