Data Services


Our FarmerData portal supports your customers with access to their grain and accounting information online and is available anywhere they have Internet access, at

FarmerData Scale Tickets ExampleWhen registered for FarmerData, customers gain a convenient way to access a variety of records that pertain to both recent and historical account activity:

  • current balance as well as balance due for multiple account types (regular, deferred, budget, etc)
  • recent activity ticket detail (historic detail is available when online statements are present)
  • prepaid and unpaid product booking balances
  • outstanding and partially filled work orders
  • grain contracts, scale tickets, settlements, and more
  • transactions that qualify for inclusion on IRS Form Schedule F: Profit or Loss from Farming
  • when applicable, patronage and equity information


Provide online statements to your customers

Save both postage and paper by allowing customers to sign up for online statement notifications. Whenever your month-end statement process finishes and posts to FarmerData, those customers that have indicated their preference for online statements are notified via email that a new statement (or new statements) have arrived and are available for online viewing.

Enable online payment authorizations and scheduling

When the OAKLAND System is configured for online banking transactions, FarmerData enables your customers to authorize amounts to be withdrawn from their bank accounts on or after a certain date. This option can save postage, paper, and also provides your customers with a convenient method of payment. Automatic payment functionality is also available for companies interested in automatically withdrawing due amounts on particular dates.

Easy Export to Microsoft Excel and Other Formats

All data grids and tables within the FarmerData web site feature a button that can export records into other portable data formats, such as Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (.xls) and generic comma-separated values (.csv) formats. This can simplify your customers' own accounting processes by providing them with easy access to their transactions with your organization.

Support for Individuals or Businesses with Multiple Accounts

FarmerData allows users that hold multiple accounts with your company to view and manage their activity as if it were a single, combined account. Although online statements always appear separately, records appearing in data grids and tables elsewhere in the site (such as product bookings, grain scale tickets, etc) can be pulled into one single table for easy viewing and exporting.