Grain & Accounting for your customers. Anywhere with Internet access.

FarmerData supports your customers with quick and easy access to their grain and accounting information online while simplifying processes and recordkeeping for agribusinesses and cooperatives.


When registered for FarmerData, your customers can access a variety of records pertaining to both recent and historical account activity anywhere with internet connectivity. Farmers can also view items such as their balance due, individual ticket details, prepaid and unpaid product booking balances, and they can choose to receive online statements and online payments.


Features for Businesses:

  • Provide Online Statements to Your Customers: Save time and postage with online statements. View current or previous statements.
  • Enable Online Payments & Scheduling: Enables your customers to authorize amounts to be withdrawn from their bank accounts on or after a certain date.
  • Quickly Sort Data: Offers combined views for multiple accounts. Product bookings, grain scale tickets, and more can be pulled into a single table.
  • Easy Export: Search and sort transactions then easily export to Excel.
  • Shared Support for Individuals or Businesses: Share accounts with multiple FarmerData users for split accounts, third party-managed accounts, or other shared viewing purposes.

Features for Farmers:

  • Records Anytime, Anywhere, All in One Place: View current or previous statements at will. See scale tickets, monthly statements, product booking balances (prepaid and unpaid), work orders, grain contracts, settlements, patronage and equity information, and more.
  • Automatic Payments Online: Schedule online payments with AutoPay ACH.
  • Allows Easy Viewing for Users with Multiple Accounts: Manage your activity as if it were a single, combined account. View current balance and balance due for multiple account types (regular, deferred, budget, etc.).