Grain Manager

Oakland Grain Manager is a complete grain accounting system for single or multiple locations businesses. Oakland Grain Manager offers the flexibility to meet the demands of producers, with the stability and the audit-ability to meet the demands of management, auditors, and inspectors. It is designed to provide accurate, real-time daily position reports as well as long & short position for multiple or combined locations and commodities.


  • Flexible reporting options, as well as on-screen reports with drill-down capability
  • Customized contract printing, check printing & warehouse receipt printing
  • Check printing automatically integrates with General Ledger


  • Add spot contracts during ticket entry
  • Easy process of keeping cash sale contracts in balance with the processor
  • Option to pull live market pricing into contract entry (along with price validation and timeouts)
  • Share grain bank and grain sale contracts with multiple accounts


  • Live DPR and long & short position for multiple or combined locations
  • Real-time General Ledger to DPR balance comparison view
  • Feed orders entered into Oakland Point of Sale can automatically update grain bank and grain sales positions


  • Easy-to-read settlements and reports for customers, managers and auditors
  • Quick customer lookup of all grain available for settlement at all locations
  • Simple handling of split and partial settlements
  • Easily unwind completed settlements if incorrect
  • Fast transfer of tickets from the settlement sheet to another sheet
  • Automatically bill settlement discounts to the customer’s primary charge account in Oakland Accounts Receivable
  • Manage lien holders during settlement

Scale Manager

Oakland Scale Application eliminates the extra work associated with posting tickets manually and prevents errors resulting from mistakes made during manual entry. The Oakland Scale Application sends scale ticket information into Grain Manager and Asset Manager, streamlining the process of getting weights and measures from the scale into the Oakland System.

  Streamlined Workflow: Whenever a ticket is selected, the green buttons on the streamlined entry screen clearly display which actions need to be performed in order to complete a ticket. This enables different operators to walk up to the Scale PC, know where a particular ticket stands, and pick up wherever the last scale operator left off.

  User-Friendly: Design and use of color coding allows operators to quickly and easily learn how to run the system. Just a quick glance allows the operator to see which tasks have been finished and which ones still need attention.

  Increased Productivity: Continues working whether connected to the main Oakland Accounting server or not. If network connectivity is lost, both the scale and accounting system automatically catches up with everything once the connection is restored.

  Ticket Customization: Generates easy-to-read PDF ticket templates that can be customized with company logos, form elements, and a variety of font styles to easily brand your scale tickets. Automatically sends the tickets with the grades via text, email, or both to designated customers at the time tickets are printed at the scale.


Other Features:

  • Select sheets or contracts to which a ticket should apply
  • Attach farm and field information directly to the scale ticket
  • View and select recent accounts to speed up entry
  • Optional RFID automation allows for an even faster, hands-free ticketing process