Cardtrol Integration

The Oakland Cardtrol Integration electronically transfers Cardtrol transactions directly into the Oakland Accounting System. Accounts receivable, inventory, general ledger, and patronage information are updated in one process.

Fuel Point of Sale

Fuel Point of Sale (POS) on-the-truck delivery and billing solution provides drivers with up-to-date account, contract, order, and pricing information while they are on the road. This product enables drivers to bill other products besides fuel (oil, grease, and supplies). Drivers can create printed tickets to be left at the point of delivery.

When digital meter registers and printers are already present, Fuel Point of Sale can interface directly to the existing printing system.

Fuel POS enables companies to automate delivery billing processes by allowing the driver to send all recent deliveries at the end of the day or anytime internet access to the company network is available.

Fuel Manager

Fuel Manager is designed to enable your energy division to streamline its scheduling, delivery, billing, work order, and insurance-reporting duties. When Fuel POS is combined with Fuel Manager, handwritten tickets, double-entry, and paper or spreadsheet-based tank records become a thing of the past!

Fuel Manager handles all energy-related scheduling, billing, and reporting. To achieve this, it maintains an extensive tank database that enables it to provide:

  • Automated degree day and frequency-based order forecasting/scheduling (in addition to call-in orders)
  • Delivery and rental history (following tanks as they change possession over time)
  • Maintenance history and upcoming maintenance schedules
  • Options for storing other tank-related information such as directions and comments

Fuel Manager enables companies to move their changing energy-related records out of paper and spreadsheet formats and into the robust, centralized, recoverable platform that is the Oakland system.