document management

Laserfiche is a flexible enterprise content management platform that integrates with Oakland to automate business processes and securely manage content while eliminating paper and optimizing costs. Streamline everything from accounts payable, digital contract signing, scale ticket storage, employee onboarding and training, personnel management, and vehicle fleet tracking.


Our goal is to enable you to make your organization’s processes run more efficiently by automating the capture, routing and approval of information trapped on paper and PDF forms. Offered as either an on-premise or cloud solution, Laserfiche allows your company to go paperless.


Learn more about integrating Laserfiche with your current Oakland software. Contact us to get started at [email protected].

Laserfiche Business Processes for Coops


Accounts Payable

  • Capture and save invoices, BoL's, shipping acknowledgments across all locations
  • Department and Location invoices approval process
  • Automate invoice and BoL matching
  • Create PO's with approval process, matches to invoice
  • Laserfiche integrates with Oakland to reduce data entry for AP
  • Available with web interface and smart phone app


Grain Contracts

  • Organize grain contracts by client and contract type
  • Viewing is available via web interface and smart phone app
  • Integrated electronic signatures


Scale Tickets

  • Capture scale tickets electronically across all locations
  • Tickets are immediately available for viewing
  • Organized by location, customer, commodity, date & time


Fuel, Fertilizer, Feed, Grain Order & Delivery

  • Online order process
  • Send delivery instructions, bin locations, contact info directly to drivers' smart phones
  • Capture delivery time, geo location, auto-notify customers and billing department


HR Onboarding, Employee Training, Personnel Management

  • Expedite your HR onboarding process with forms process available online
  • Include new hire requests by department
  • Track all new hire processes to ensure compliance
  • Track required training by position with expiration notifications
  • Maintain all HR employee records and manage employee changes including position and location changes, name changes, employment status
  • Keep track of all driver records and expirations including motor vehicle reports, UA's both scheduled and non-scheduled, med exam and renewals

Vehicle Fleet Track

  • Remote capture of all vehicle-related expenses
  • Maintain copy of all vehicle records from registrations to repairs


Seed Order/Load-Out Form

  • Form for seed order load-outs; uses tablet in the warehouse and captures customer signatures and automatically emails them a copy of the document
  • Use an AR customer look-up to verify the customer
  • Use dropdown lists for seed types and order types (bag, bulk, mini-bulk)


UST Inspection Form

  • Done on tablet with Laserfiche Forms


Grain Hauling

  • Drivers can fill out load tickets and pre/post trip inspections with Laserfiche Forms
  • Shop can be notified of vehicles that need service
  • Accounts Receivable settlement scanning and matching with grain tickets


Create Online Forms

  • Employee expense form, submission, approvals, reimbursements
  • Vacation Request and tracking with approvals; can include tracking vacation hours by employee


Other Possibilities

  • Electronically capture point-of-sale tickets
  • FarmerData documents
  • Seed quoting
  • Contracts for booking
  • Blend sheet or applicator sheet (includes license number)
  • W2, 1095, 1094 auto-capture from Oakland
  • Online client credit application and approval process