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  Data Services


With the OAKLAND Customer Aging and Business Charts plugin, providing your staff with accurate account information regarding the customer they are serving is a snap.

Aging and Business Charts When entering a ticket in Point of Sale or looking up customer information in Accounts Receivable, this OAKLAND Desktop component is triggered alongside the standard OAKLAND application to display an unobtrusive side bar with a snapshot of current aging and recent business history for the account in question. The Aging and Business Charts plugin runs using a tightly integrated connection to your OAKLAND server, making it possible to monitor all Point of Sale transactions — even when they’re being entered from a different PC!

  • watch account information appear when a transaction starts and disappear when it ends
  • hover over the Aging Chart to see totals for Next Month, Current, 1-30, 31-60, Over 60, and Prepaid/Credit balances; hover over the Business Chart to view a categorical business summary of the last 12-month period
  • know instantly when an account carries a past-due balance
  • monitor one or more OAKLAND Client Terminals/PCs, anywhere on your corporate network
  • identify customers with business that exceeds certain thresholds, allowing your staff to easily recognize patrons that conduct regular business with your organization — whether they’re ringing up a bill at the ticket counter or entering a product booking in the back office