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Oakland Premium Email

OAKLAND's Premium Email is our hosted email solution for businesses of any size.  Giving you access to the secure email tools you need to run your business efficiently. See our Premium Email Support page to set up your PC or SmartPhone.


Uptime LightEdge's facility is a compound devoted to 24/7/365 uptime. The building's preventative measures are quite impressive and LightEdge manages email server equipment. Gone are the days of running an email server in your own office. This hosted solution can offer uptime that is difficult to match.

Outlook Integration - Quick installation to access your emails, contacts, tasks, and calendars. 

Calendars - Personal and Shared Calendars. Schedule meetings with invites & see schedule openings.

Contacts - Personal contacts can be accessed from multiple devices or computers.

Tasks - Create simple To Do lists.

Productivity - Remote access, ease of installation, shared information.

Out of Office Responses - Users can easily set up temporarily responses to emails while they are on vacation or out of the office.

Spam Filtering Included - New pricing includes our Spam Filtering product. Reduce the amount of spam emails you get.

New Webmail - Access to your emails, contacts, tasks, and calendars, via any web browser.

SmartPhone Support - Most major smartphones can quickly be configured to access your emails, contacts, tasks, and calendars.

Anti-Virus - Inbound and Outbound emails are scanned by the server for viruses.

Admin Features - Create email groups, client mailing lists, create new users.